How Dare You Write a Prequel to a Classic?

 The audacity. The nerve. For a writer to think that they could write a prequel to such a classic work of literature as Orwell's "1984" . Yet, that is exactly what I have done. And I'm proud of it. "1982: A Prequel to Orwell's 1984" is now available online. Yes, it is a stretch for any writer to think that they could approach the depth and complexity of Orwell's dystopian masterpiece.  With so many current references to the totalitarian concepts presented in "1984", I felt compelled to learn what parallels Orwell had seen. My primary motivation was to answer the following question: "What were the specific steps that led from the existing pre-1984 world to the dysfunctional world of Orwell's London in April 1984?"  My curiosity about Orwell's timelines, settings, and character development led to re-reading "1984". After researching Orwell's notes and interviews, I then asked "Why has no one written a pre

"1982: A Prequel to Orwell's 1984" is here!

 My latest novel, "1982:  A Prequel to Orwell's 1984" is now a reality. Published in print on July 30, 2021, with digital publishing scheduled for July 31, 2021.  This standalone novel will keep you on the edge of the seat as events unfold leading to the totalitarian world of 1984. Feel the fascist grip of the dystopian OverState close around your life as you hear from the nephew of Winston Smith of "1984".  Winston's nephew emigrated to the former United States as a dual-citizenship child, growing up American. Hear his account of how the USA, and the world, changed in just a few short months. Learn who The OverState is, with their objective of total control. Find out just how much is at stake, then calculate your own odds of survivability.  "1982:  A Prequel to Orwell's 1984"  is the perfect summer read, short, exciting and full of action. Click here to order your copy today!